My son, Timothy, has been dancing at Dancers Workshop, since he was 4 years old. In 2006, Michelangelo and Farah bought the studio from Anita Mitchell. No one was sure what the change would bring, but it brought a more professional atmosphere and a male role model. Dance is my son’s passion and he has thrived under their guidance. With their encouragement, Timothy has now taken the next step and gone on to one of the nation’s leading dance schools, The Rock School of Dance in Philadelphia, where he received a merit scholarship.

– P. Downing

Thank you all so much. This is a wonderful, fun, friendly professional studio. We appreciate all that you do!

-S. Zabel

Thank you for being supportive of Barbara’s recent enrollment into the Miss Alaska Teen USA 2009 Competition. She is qualified to compete at all levels, and a lot of her strengths come from her background in dance training that she’s received since the age of 6 at Dancers Workshop of Wasilla. Dancing has been a very important part of Barbara’s development, physically and mentally. When she hit High School as a freshmen, she tried out for Cheerleading and was put straight onto the Varsity team. It was her dancing skills that gave her an edge. Dancing has helped form the foundation of her life that she can carry into her adulthood no matter what direction she takes.

– M. Horman

I was a student of Anita Mitchell’s when I was a little girl. I took ballet and jazz for 5 years. So when I had a little girl of my own, of course I took her to Dancer’s Workshop. The studio still   teaches ballet and dance in a way that is fun for the kids and still has the same uniqueness and small town feel that it did when I was little. She tried gymnastics and it was not a good fit for her so she wanted to try Ballet and she has been at Dancer’s Workshop now for 2 years and she is still loving it and enjoys it a great deal, especially the recitals!


-T. Stanley

When I was a young girl, I began dancing at Dancers Workshop as a student. With the proper hands-on training I received from their experienced instructors, I then became an instructor. Dancers Workshop has provided  the professionally based expertise and atmosphere to get me where I am today. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the stamina and drive I needed to be the best that I could be.


Courtney Springer
Dance Instructor
Dancers Workshop