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The Global Destination for 澳洲幸运十168体彩手机APP查询最新-澳洲幸运10开奖结果官方+号码历史记录直播

Welcome to the 澳洲幸运十168体彩开奖网 Festival

The 澳洲幸运10 Bates Dance Festival brings together an international community of 手机版 168澳洲10开奖官方记录 官网历史查询 正规在线计划网 168网澳洲幸运10开奖预测 全网最准的在线预测软件 开奖计划软件免费版 欧洲10正规官网网址, choreographers, performers, educators & students in a cooperative community to study, perform & create new work.

About the Festival


The 澳洲幸运10 Bates Dance Festival offers an array of classes – taught by a renowned faculty. 2024 programs will be announced in November!

Performance Series

The 2024 Performance Series will be announced in 2024.

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Learn more about BDF and its history.


BDF offers programs for all ages.


Take a virtual tour of the campus and schedule your visit.


Help support BDF.

Bates has become an ever important nexus of dance. It provides fertile ground for development and growth in the art form, and is helping to shape its future.

Steve Koester, faculty

It is a rare occasion for young artists like ourselves to be seen, celebrated and asked to grow the way we were at BDF. We were immersed in the world of dance for three weeks in the way we all hope to be, but struggle to do, in our own communities. We left Bates with a sense of joy, creativity, clarity and community …

Lida Winfield & Ellen Smith Ahern, Emerging Artists

BDF surpassed my expectations… incredible faculty, supportive community environment, and a rich, diverse, incredibly talented group of attendees.

BFD Sudent

I am one of many examples of BDF’s commitment to artists from the local community and around the world over long periods of time. The festival has been a home where I can rediscover my artistry at every stage of my career.

Paul Matteson, Faculty

My summer at BDF was the best and most successful I've ever had. The people, the dancing, the opportunities, your kindness and generosity are completely unparalleled. Not enough people understand the imperative of fostering community, which makes dance as an art form function as a significant part of society.

BDF Student

We found Youth Arts to be a consistently wonderful program. The faculty is top notch. The focus on respectful and mature engagement with each other and with the artistic process is equally impressive. The kids are learning self-discipline and mutual respect.


I took my son Isaiah to see Rennie Harris last summer. The performance sparked his interest in dance. When I asked how he liked the performance he said with sparkles in his eyes, I want to be a dancer."

Audience Member

There is something deep and supremely relevant about attending, participating, performing, and/or visiting BDF that seamlessly and potently infiltrates the community i.e. dancers, dance enthusiasts, and the curious.

Kendra Portier, Emerging Choreographer/Faculty